Sunday, July 17, 2016

BBB Party on the Lake

So, HotRod gave me a call and off we went.

The weather was scorching, with a few merciful clouds scattered across the sky. And we weren't at BBB XI party barge float by, heading further into the park, a few coves down. We picked up our naked selves, along with our bags, coolers, backpacks, and noodles, and off we went again.

This time we settled in with the rest of the party goers at the park as those on the barge unloaded into the water. Sunscreen applied, noodles taped together, and in we went, too. The water was refreshing and soon we were floating around in a sea of naked and half naked people on floats of all kinds.

After not too long, boats began to arrive as well, blocking the cove entrance until it was barricaded off from the rest of the lake outside. We bobbed around on our noodles, meeting people and admiring the floats and boats. Mainly things were very subdued, with nobody getting too rowdy.

Every now and then we saw the occasional mutual masturbation or oral sex encounter. Most folks were keeping friendly, but maybe a bit less friendly than that.

This was most of our day. Floating with naked people. Getting out and back onto the rocks for snacks and drinks. Then more floating with naked people. Then back onto the rocks to add sunscreen and have more food and drinks.

Overall it was a fun time. I'd do it again. They had an after party at a hotel downtown, but we were both bushwhacked and decided to call it a day. HotRod headed home, and so did I. Walked in the door. put my things away. Washed the beach towels. Took a shower. Tossed the towels in the dryer. Decided to lie down for a nap about 6:30, and woke up this morning as usual. Guess I needed the sleep!

Feel free to check Tumblr for a handful of candid shots of HotRod at the event.


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