Thursday, July 21, 2016

Review: Jewel Steel Anal Plug - Size Small

So, this little "gem" is designed to be inserted into your or your partner's anus for anal stimulation during sex. This variety generally comes in a variety of sizes based on the user's preferences and comfort level.

Although I probably would have gone intermediate to start, HotRod had purchased a beginner's version. Having tried it, I still believe that, for me, a larger size would be more appropriate--but no need to get too crazy.

As far as the look of the plug. I like it. I think it's cute. The one shown here is clear/white, but the product also comes in a large array of colors that, again, cater to personal preference. I think that in addition to being an attractive adornment for the partner who may be positioned to observe an ass during the session, the product also can serve to make some people feel more comfortable about their ass being displayed if they have any sorts of abnormalities that result in self-consciousness with regard to body image. So, for example, a partner with an anal tab might feel uncomfortable with their ass on display like this, and a product like this plug would help them to relax and not feel like someone is potentially focusing on what they consider an imperfection.

My experience with the product was interesting. Again, due to the size being smaller than what I'd consider a perfect fit, it tended to move around a lot. HotRod has a good girth to his cock, so as he pumped, I could feel it moving in and out--being displaced each time he thrusted. At one point, HotRod actually noted this visually to me--saying the plug was moving in and out as he watched. Positioning of the cock during sex, as well, seems to impact the extent to which this occurs.

As far as how it felt, once in, the area around the rim was mostly stimulated with me. And as it moved in and out, it was, again, the rim that got most of the excitement. This was fine with me and very enjoyable. I still would like to go one larger and see if that impacts the experience as well. And there are some that have a more textured neck to them, and even dials and handles, which allow the dominant partner to exercise some control over application of extra stimulation. I'd like to try out a few of those as well at some point.

In the end, I'd use it again. Not something I'd need all the time, but definitely a good addition to the toy chest.


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