Friday, August 12, 2016

Amusing Myself without HotRod

So, still amusing myself with the ipad mini camera, waiting for my playmate to get home. It's his last night out of town. So, posted some tumblrs to give him something sexy to think about for when he's back. I think I deserve a reward for creativity. But maybe I'll just get a spanking for being naughty?

our tumblr anytime. It's not just my pics there. I post a lot of interesting reblogged materials. Such a variety of sexuality expressed there. I love it.

So, broke out the garter girdle, the lace bordered panties, the silky bra with lace touches, the stockings and pumps, and had a grand ol' time just taking selfies! If you haven't done it yourself, try it.

For you, HotRod!


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