Friday, August 19, 2016

HotRod's Back in the Driver's Seat

Finally, finally, finally, HotRod is back in town. I was sooo excited for date night. And part way through he decided to grab my iPad mini and take a few shots of his own. He actually has a pretty nice digital camera, but we were at my place, and options were limited. But we managed to squeeze off a few fun shots. He's getting a little more into the tumblr feed and the blog. I'd love to see him get more into expressing himself here and trying his hand at some writing, because he's actually very sexually imaginative and creative--much more so than I am.

So, we started goofin' and snapped some shots. They won't win photography awards, but it's more about the fun. It's fun to take sexy photos, even if they're just snapshot quality. It's fun to share them out online to strangers for kicks. It makes date night a little more spicy. I mean, for example, I saw my favorite boutique has bunny tails on sale. For me this would be pure novelty. And HotRod would bust up laughing. But I know we'd do it, and it would be a blast. For me, laughing during sex (with, not at) is a good thing. HotRod makes me laugh. And I love that.

But here are some of the shots I can share--again, always try and keep the blog more of a PG-13 to R, not so much XXX. If you want to see it all, you'll have to visit the tumblr to view the feed. It's not just HotRod and Miss Kitty, though. I share out other blog posts from people on my feed who post anything and everything to do with sex and sexuality. If it's sexy, interesting, erotic, sensual, hot, fun, you name it. If it strikes me as sexy, I reblog it. Strangely, though I'm a cishet woman, I find that most of what I love to view and share is other women. It's not that I don't find the male physique attractive. I do. But I like to look at women--even myself. I remember once watching a video HotRod took of him masturbating me. We watched it together some time later, and I commented that it turned me on to see it. He said "but that's you." Yeah, that's me. And I know exactly how all of that feels, and remember it and thinking about it was very arousing. It doesn't make me want to have sex with those women. It makes me imagine it's me.

Anyway, here you go. I loe this first one, because HotRod is my favorite thing and a fantastic partner. This shoots off all the good chemistry in my head when I see him, because, to me, he's the sexiest man on the planet. I often tell him this, as well. "How did I ever get so lucky to wind up dating the sexiest man on the planet?" He doesn't believe me, but that's because he doesn't see what I see. Probably a lot of people won't see what I see. And that's fine. I can live with that.

So, the first one, just wow--for  me. And the next one, HotRod said his hand looks like "a big ol' bear paw" on my hands. I love it.

I hope to see a lot more HotRod images to come. But the rest are more what HotRod likes to see. He likes to see things like this...

And like this...

He's also got a thing for butts. I've never been one of those women with an ass that just won't quit. But HotRod makes me feel like he thinks my ass is just fine the way it is....

Except maybe on this image. Here we disagreed. He thought I'd want to throw it away. On the contrary, I think it looks juicy and curvy and, well, let's call it "robust." But I like it. Opinions may vary. And again, I can live with that.

But that's all I've got that's safe for the blog. Again, more is available if you want to come stop by the tumblr blog. We're also on twitter, but that's also just expressions of sex and sexuality in a slightly tamer format. Just depends on your preferences. More talk? More imagery? More quick thoughts?

Just remember to express your sexy self!


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