Monday, August 8, 2016

The Sexy Shoes Post

There are a lot of things that make individuals feel sexy. And no two people are alike. I've asked many people "What is sexy?" And I'm not sure I've ever gotten the same answer from any two people. I will say, though, that a number of people I've asked have included something about "attitude" in their answers.

It seems a lot of folks have the view that sex appeal is something more on the inside than the outside. But the outside is how we express those internal states to others. Our attitude is expressed in our appearance.

For me, this means lingerie and heels, but for others it could mean cut off shorts and hiking boots. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to how to express yourself. But tonight I decided I wanted to pull out my shoes that I think of when I think "sexy shoes." It will probably be mundane to most, but here is what makes me feel sexy:

My platform peep-toe Spring-time floral fabric pumps:

My patent leather pumps (I have these in both red and black):

My basic black ankle-strap open-toe stilettos:

My casual sandal-top wedges:

My black formal wedges with jewel detail:

And for good measure, let me throw in my cowgirl boots, because cowgirls are just plain ol' sexy:

I should also note that sexy toes are a huge turn on for me. I'm actually pretty fond of my own toes.

But HotRod's toes are a massive turn on for me. When I'm allowed access to them, it's sheer heaven. And I'm not sure what's sexier, those perfect toes, or that fantastic belly button. Maybe one day, if this blog gets a following I'll do a poll? ;)


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