Sunday, August 7, 2016

Twitter and Tumblr Feeds

Since I've only just started on Twitter and Tumblr, it's interesting to me to see what sorts of posts get activity on my page. I find that I get more activity on Tumblr than Twitter, likely because Tumblr is more visual and less text-based. I think it's just easier to process images on the fly, rather than text. If you see it and you like it, you know right away. But on a feed where there is post after post of text, the only way to know if you like it is to read it. This makes me wonder if Twitter posts with images are more likely to garner activity?

The one time I posted a tweet with a graphic, it did seem to generate a bit of interest, and I saw a bump on the blog as well for the article on wax play, although it got no love on the original Twitter post. The only tweet so far to get much love (considering I only got into double digit followers in the past week), was a quote about gratitude and friendship.

Meanwhile on Tumblr, it's a bit of a different story. The posts generate a lot more feedback, but not as many followers. I started both accounts at roughly the same time, but the Twitter account is up to 15 now, and the Tumblr is at 9--and I actually lost a follower there. Ironically I posted an image that aligned with their Tumblr interest and tagged them. It was shortly after that I lost them as a follower, which may be coincidental, but I can't help but wonder.

My "Top Post" on Tumblr is a photo HotRod took of me in one of my corsets, in black-and-white, doing a retro/pinup pose. It's garnered seven notifications.

I actually think that people on Tumblr enjoy the homespun selfies. Last night I gained two followers, which is huge considering I was down to 7 from 8 since I lost the one. So what happened last night on my Tumblr? Well, HotRod was out of town, and I decided to post some selfies so he could visit the Tumblr account and see what I'd put there for him. Just a few seductive poses in my stockings and lacy panties and heels. Three people seemed to like the images, but two particularly. And weirdly, the two new followers were not the two new people who showed love to these images. The series itself was tres tame, not only for Tumblr, but also for the Hotrod-MissKitty Tumblr. Cropped just a bit to make it safer for the blog, it was only a series of images like so:

I may be in for a good week, because I'm not due to see HotRod for a week and a half. Assuming further "sexy selfies" perform even half as well as these few, I'll hit double digits by the time he's back in town.

I guess if nothing else, it's fun. And that should be the point of anything we do in life, to maximize happiness for ourselves and allow others to do the same.


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