Saturday, September 10, 2016

Amusing Myself without HotRod

Fortunately it was an insanely busy week at work. Actually it was an insanely busy two weeks at work. This helped keep my mind off the horror that I was missing date nights for two weeks running. HotRod was pulled away and on the road and Miss Kitty was left all alone to amuse herself. So, I did what I always do. I pulled out the ipad mini camera app and had a good time.

My first night I just threw on a negligee and did a few shots. It's a cute little purple and black baby doll number, and as usual, if you want to see the full photo set you can visit the HotRod-MissKitty tumblr for more of Miss Kitty, and more than just Miss Kitty.

Most of the feed consisted of other sexually oriented material, since I didn't have the time to play, being so busy at work. But I did manage to get some after-shower shots the other night...

And then finally this morning, just some naked morning shots.

I haven't heard back from HotRod. I'm guessing he hasn't even seen them. Poor thing, working so hard. But hopefully date nights can resume next week, and the photos can improve. He's much better at this than I am. ;)

Until then, keep bein' your sexy self!


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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Bitter-Sweet: Of Body Chains and Lingerie

Let's start with the sweet: The good news--no, really, the fantastic news--is that I got my new body chain in the mail. And I love it. I prefer silver over gold, because I have an olive skin tone, but love the chain regardless.

Huge snaps to "The Bodychain Store". I found them on Twitter under an account labeled "Find Your Jewelry". So I visited, and found loads of very cool stuff. This is one of those places I could go completely nuts shopping. But I managed to keep it to one body chain and a nose ring. I am still waiting for the nose ring to arrive, but the body chain is here:

As usual, you can find more graphic images posted at the HotRod-MissKitty tumblr site. But I'm excited. HotRod hasn't seen it yet, so *shhhhhh*. ;) It's fine if he visits here, I consider it a teaser while he's traveling.

And this brings me to the bitter: Always a let down when the HotRod is traveling. No date night this week. No date night next week. What's a girl to do? Well, if she's Miss Kitty, she amuses herself taking sexy selfies to post for HotRod to see while he's on the road. A bit of "inspiration" while he's on his own...and hopefully when he gets back. So, I'll probably be posting a lot of these on tumblr and sharing out the less graphic versions to the HotRod-MissKitty twitter. I've reserved a Youtube channel, but am still thinking about what kind of content to post there. Just not sure yet. But for now, here is a sampling of this morning's teasers for HotRod:


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