Sunday, September 4, 2016

Bitter-Sweet: Of Body Chains and Lingerie

Let's start with the sweet: The good news--no, really, the fantastic news--is that I got my new body chain in the mail. And I love it. I prefer silver over gold, because I have an olive skin tone, but love the chain regardless.

Huge snaps to "The Bodychain Store". I found them on Twitter under an account labeled "Find Your Jewelry". So I visited, and found loads of very cool stuff. This is one of those places I could go completely nuts shopping. But I managed to keep it to one body chain and a nose ring. I am still waiting for the nose ring to arrive, but the body chain is here:

As usual, you can find more graphic images posted at the HotRod-MissKitty tumblr site. But I'm excited. HotRod hasn't seen it yet, so *shhhhhh*. ;) It's fine if he visits here, I consider it a teaser while he's traveling.

And this brings me to the bitter: Always a let down when the HotRod is traveling. No date night this week. No date night next week. What's a girl to do? Well, if she's Miss Kitty, she amuses herself taking sexy selfies to post for HotRod to see while he's on the road. A bit of "inspiration" while he's on his own...and hopefully when he gets back. So, I'll probably be posting a lot of these on tumblr and sharing out the less graphic versions to the HotRod-MissKitty twitter. I've reserved a Youtube channel, but am still thinking about what kind of content to post there. Just not sure yet. But for now, here is a sampling of this morning's teasers for HotRod:


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