Sunday, June 11, 2017

G-men and G-spots: The appeal of James Comey

So, Daily Beast reports a rash of tweets suggesting that people were discovering sexual feelings for James Comey during the airing of his recent testimony before the Senate.

At 6'8, Comey towers over most everyone in any room. And he's not exactly hard on the eyes. There's a dusty old saying, I can't recall it specifically, but it was something about politics or Washington being like Hollywood for unattractive people. Comey may not be fodder for a silver screen, but by DC standards, he's totes dreamy.

CNN Host Don Lemon, during his program, described Comey as having "an Aw-Shucks factor of 100." Whether it's real or illusory, Comey gives off cues in plenty of areas that people generally find attractive in a mate. Tall, masculine, well-dressed (I'm a sucker for a man in a suit)--but also his power and position. Sitting in a chair alone, staring down the Senate committee, fielding questions like they were nobody's business. Expressing at times vulnerability, forthrightness, integrity, and a willingness to put himself on the line to challenge arguably the most powerful man in the nation today--POTUS. It has all the making of larger-than-life, of "hero."

Who hasn't watched "Criminal Minds" and fantasized about any number of the characters--the intrigue, the mystique, the fearless drive to serve justice and others.

While I understand the awakening to some of his sexual appeal during the hearings. I was one of those who noticed it right off the bat. But that's my "type." Suit, clean-cut, close shave, corn-fed Midwest boys--all the trappings of the classic "male" are the things that hit my radar. Now, to be sure, Comey doesn't hail from the Midwest--but he manages, as Lemon noted, to still somehow pull off the "Aw Shucks" factor. And that's my Achilles' heal right there. All the bells and whistles.

I realize that sex appeal is extremely unique to people. I also realize politics generates strong feelings, and that this man is as much the target of some raging hate as this new found sex symbol status rising(?). But just saying, the Daily Beast article didn't surprise me at all.

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